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Get ready to laugh out loud with The Quiddlers - the world-renowned physical comedy group based in Las Vegas, NV! Created by the legendary Paul Ebejer, they are famously known as "The International Ambassadors of Physical Comedy."


For 13 years, The Quiddlers entertained audiences at the Crazy Horse Paris in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, and they continue to spread joy and laughter across the globe with their talented comic performers who carry on Ebejer's original comedic tradition.


America's Got Talent
America's Got Talent - Backstage
I Can Do That - NBC
Incroyable Talent - France
World's Got Talent - China
Chantatachán - Spain
The Yodelers
The Quiddlers Demo
Why not hire the SMALL STAR REVIEW?
The Quiddlers Small Star Review
The Quiddlers Villages Guys
VILLAGE GUYS: Just short of the real thing!
And so much more!!!

Stage & Screen Credits

I Can Do That Logo
Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde Logo
150+ International Television Appearances

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, Belgium, Australia, The United States, Lebanon, Monaco, Holland, etc.

  • America's Got Talent, NBC, USA

  • I Can Do That, NBC, USA

  • I Can Do That, Albania

  • I Can Do That, Germany

  • Incroyable Talent, France

  • World's Got Talent, China

  • Tú Sí Que Vales, Italy

  • Cabaret du Monde (8 Eps), Paris, France

  • Just For Laughs, Montreal, Canada

  • The Slammer, London, England

  • Random Acts of Comedy, Comedy Central, USA

  • The Howie Mandell Show (4 Eps), Comedy Central, USA

  • Aresnio Hall Show, CBS, USA

  • America’s Funniest People, ABC, USA

  • Jerry Lewis Telethon, USA

  • Samstag Live, Koln, Germany

  • New Years Eve Special, Germany

  • New Years Special, NHK Network Tokyo, Japan

  • World’s Comical Performers (2 Years), Tokyo, Japan

  • Bueno Dominica, T5 Milan, Italy

  • Telecinco, T5 Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

  • Luis de Matos Show, Opuerto, Portugal

  • Sebastien C’est Fou, Paris, France

  • Michael Barrymore Show, LWT London, England

  • Colosseum, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Late Nacht mit Thomas Kotchwitz, Koln, Germany

  • Hard and Funny, Hamburg, Germany

  • 30 Seconds to Fame, Fox, USA

  • Program Jo Suarez, Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • Miss Chile Pageant, Valpariso, Chile

  • Montreaux Comedy Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland

  • Koln Comedy Festival, Koln, Germany

  • Vegas! The Show, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

  • V - The Ultimate Variety Show, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

  • The Crazy Horse Paris, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV (10 Years)

  • Magic Castle, Hollywood, California, USA

  • Le Crazy Horse Saloon, Paris, France

  • Le Femme, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

  • Flick Flack, Germany

  • Internationales OVAG-Varieté, Germany

  • Salto Natele, Switzerland

  • Alma, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • The Wintergarden, Berlin, Germany

  • The Sporting Club, Monaco

  • Royal Command Performance, Manchester, England

  • NBA Halftime Performances (60+), Various, United States

  • WNBA Finals Halftime, United States

  • NHL Halftime Performances, United States

  • Variete Sttuttgart, Sttuttgart, Germany

  • Circus Arnardo, Norway

  • Circus Dannebrog, Denmark

  • Howie Mandell Live, The Palace, Michigan, USA

  • Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Showgirls of Magic, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

  • The V Show, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

  • Wuhan International Acrobatic Arts Festival, Beijing, China

  • AIG Germany, San Franscico, USA

  • Remax Convention, Toronto, Canada

  • Auto Shows, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and Dallas, USA

  • Montreaux Comedy Festival, Montreaux, Switzerland

  • Koln Comedy Festival, Koln, Germany

...just to name a few!

Micro Bubbles The Quiddlers
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